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'Inside...': Old Piece 4
Inside a coffin, a soul does rest
By a veil, hidden, concealed
Onlooking, a pair of lifeless eyes
Emotions, have not revealed
Trapped, the soul, behind a wall
Searching for a way
To kill, destroy the impervious glass
And say what it yearns to say
Tall and firm stands a gargantuan dam
That prevents the river from flowing
The soul is biting at the stone
Indeed, impatience growing
Inside the coffin, a soul does rest
Within the pounding heart of me
Hammering, banging, screaming in rage
If only I could set it free...
:iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 1 0
The Day the Sky Cried
The day the sky cried
Was the day that They died;
The tears in their eyes, long since dried,
They wanted to ditch this long-winded ride.
The day the sky cried
Was the day that He died;
It wasn't that he never tried,
But it was the last time She ever lied.
The day the sky cried
Was the day that She died;
She protected her foolish pride,
But She had nowhere left to hide.
The day the sky cried
Was the day that We died;
Sweet little nothings never applied,
Merely swept away by the violent tide.
The day the sky cried
Was the day that You died;
Never would I have let this slide,
Two beings never meant to collide.
The day the sky cried
Was the day that I died;
Yet past the point of terrified,
I will no longer be denied.
:iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 2 6
I took my glasses off today
So I couldn't see the world
I took my glasses off today
Don't want to see the world
The world can hide from me
But I can't hide behind my lenses
When I took my glasses off today
I exposed myself to the world
:iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 2 2
Change the Colour
Change the colour
Slightly darker, not much different
Nothing too drastic
Only subtle, but enough to notice
Change the colour
Temporary, fades in seconds
Momentary warmth,
Feeling cold as it disappears again
Change the colour
A darker shade to match
Rainbow colours bleed away,
Replaced by smoky tones of shadows
Change the colour
Change yourself
Not as you once were
Emerge as a new name
Change the colour
As your heart pounds in anger
Tear it apart, dig him out
Tape it back together
Change the colour
Delete his hue from your mind
Live in a less vibrant world
Grey and dull and still
Change the colour
Change your hair
Change your heart
Change your life
:iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 2 0
Loss - Old Piece 10
Sadness rests within
Disappointment curling around my neck
Doubt slitting my throat
I cannot breathe,
I cannot think,
I cannot...
Trapped in a mental vice
Creativity has run dry
Only a dead riverbed
Ire boiling beneath the surface
Seeping through the cracks
Overflowing, thick and burning
Evils rising
Failure, thy name is my own
Stripped of such talent
Born with an affinity
For words
Lost and confused
Where to turn?
Road signs busted, broken
Silly symbols without meaning
Absolutely nothing
Defeat rears its ugly head
Devouring me alive
Taking that one, fatal blow
Pierces my pride,
Leaving me vulnerable to attack
And I fall...
:iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 2 0
'Voice Inside' - Old Piece 7
I wake and stir
It's all a blur
Of who I am right now
In my dreams
I know it seems
I'm clueless here, but how?
I know my name
'Cause it's the same
As it was the life before
But I can't think
My stomach sinks,
And my knees drop to the floor
"Who am I?" I ask myself
The answer is desired, and nothing else
My identity is fake, like a fairy or elf
A whisper says, "You'll know."
Lost inside
Lacking pride
I sit here all alone
With a soft touch
I loved so much
I let out a single moan
As I stare
There's no one there
I'm by myself once more
My inner being
Is definitely seeing
That I am sadly torn
I search around
Stomping the ground
Frustrated 'cause I can't find
My true self
Stuck on a shelf
That's twisted in my mind
I search and search, but come across
That my former self has been lost
I don't know me,
How can this be?
The voice says, "You're almost there."
I'm only here
Living in fear
Wondering where I belong
I've lost my hope
I cannot cope
With the answer being prolonged
I can't give up
:iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 1 1
'Tick-Tock' - Old Piece 5
I'm sitting here alone up in my room
Waiting for time to pass by me
All I can hear is the solo clock
Playing that lonely, ticking melody
A denizen of darkness is what I am
Except when I lie asleep
That immortal state just helps me forget
The hurtful memories I keep
Unable to let go, afraid to move on
Have I missed the freedom train?
I'm so used to carrying it all on my shoulders
I'm just so used to the pain
What are emotions?  I don't remember
What it felt like to truly smile
What is laughter, what is joy?
I wonder, all the while
No recollection of any feeling
What happened to my heart?
Oh, that's right; he stabbed it out
Ripped and tore it apart
Tired of wasting my time
Tires of waiting for his call
Tired of being heartless
Tick, tick, tick, ready to fall
Once and for all.
:iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 1 2



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